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The intent of Aikido of Flagstaff and its teaching staff is to transmit the principles of traditional Budo (martial way), creating a healthy training environment as we strengthen our bodies, forge our character and develop a positive training community.

This dojo follows the traditional rules of proper conduct. Its spirit comes directly from the Founder of Aikido and it is the place of the succession of his teachings. It is the responsibility of each student to act appropriately and to honor those teachings. It is the responsibility of each student to cooperate in creating a positive atmosphere of harmony and respect. You cannot buy technique. The monthly membership dues provide a place for training and a way in which to show gratitude for the teaching received.

Our dojo has moved to Federated Community Church 400 W Aspen Ave

Our Instructors

IMG 6224 copyGeorge Koch - George began his aikido practice in 1977 at Stanford University with Sensei Frank Doran. READ BIO >

Trent Boudreaux - Trent began his training in the martial art of Okinawan Karate in 1974 at the age of six. READ BIO >

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Principles of Budo


Honor Teachings


Harmony and Respect